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2022-2023 Community Health Center Compensation and Benefits Survey

November 3, 2022

Dear Health Center CEOs, CFOs, and HR Executives:

As health centers work to recruit and retain a qualified workforce, maintaining a competitive compensation and benefits package is key. As a part of our workforce strategy, TPCA is conducting its biennial survey of compensation and benefits for select positions within our member organizations. 

We are excited to partner with EA Compensation Resources LLC (CR) to act as a third party for the dissemination and collection of participant data. The CR survey is designed to capture a variety of compensation and benefits information from health centers, along with workforce issues including recruitment, retention, and succession planning.

All the data will be collected and analyzed by CR, so individual information can be kept under the strictest of confidence.

CR will tabulate all responses and report the results in a coded format. Your feedback matters, so please respond candidly. Participants should plan for this survey to take about an hour to complete. 

The final deadline to participate is Friday, December 9. If you participate in the survey, you will receive a complimentary compensation report in .pdf format.  Results will be available to non-participating organizations or to health centers outside of our membership for a fee of $250.00.

CR is dedicated to providing accurate results of this survey to participants; therefore, should you have any questions or need clarification regarding any aspect of the survey's process, please contact Diana Neelman, Director, CR at

I invite your organization to take part in this survey, and we welcome your participation.  If you have any questions regarding our survey process, please feel free to contact Diana at CR, or me at

Desireè Kelly, DrPH
Workforce Strategies & Evaluations Manager